Mini Juniper Wreaths

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Diameter of Base - 6 inches
Fully fluffed ~ 9-10 inches

Perfect for adding that extra holiday touch to your cozy abode. These little gems are guaranteed to make your home feel even more festive this season! Whether it be a candle ring, on your cabinets, or the backs of your barstools these minis are sure to add a cheery touch to your home!

***Ribbon is 3/8" - Please note - Ribbon will not come attached. You will receive one yard of ribbon per wreath. If you need more please contact me prior to purchase. ***

Each set will come with hooks and command strips to allow for easy and quick hassle-free hanging.

🎄These wreaths are made to order so each wreath will look a touch different from the next.

🎄Coloring may slightly vary due to blue light filters on phones & screens. Please be aware of this prior to purchase.

~For longevity of your wreath it is not recommended these be left in direct sunlight or weather.
~My wreaths are best hung under an overhang or porch to ensure less wear and tear!
~As always feel free to message me with any questions you may have!

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